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Know Your Siddy

  • Beautiful Places

    We are excited that you have been introduced to the mission of bringing to life all that is the city in one platform. A showcase of the beauty, glory, joy, pain, devastation, and reality of our urban spaces.

  • Beautiful People

    The first crowd-sourced local media platform that uniquely unveils the abundance of imagery, scenes, views, news, life and sentiment in our fascinating cities.

  • Beautiful Moments

    The energy and activity of the city is never ending and all around us, and we believe a more thoughtfully designed platform to showcase this will bring more informed and well balanced insight.


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  • Scenes

    Beautiful scenes and images in and of every location

  • Citizens

    Beautiful people in every walk of life

  • Perspectives

    The greatest range of perspectives captured beautifully

  • News

    From every angle, and in a whole way

  • Views

    The views captured are the views shared, unedited & unfiltered

  • Developments

    See new & breaking developments in every location

See It

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

See it, Hear it, Understand it
Like Never Before

Siddy is a new City of Brotherly Love-based app that delivers a unique window into the local scenes, daily activities, and broad range of insights and personal opinions from around your city


Be a City Showcaser.

Create and Provide for the City. Highlight the city, and your perspective.

We want to see what scenes, views, news, and insights you can bring to the platform.


The Things That Occur

This is your city. See what it really looks like. Be amazed by the range of human activity that occurs on any given day in your city


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  • Siddy is part of Nichally Tech Ventures

  • 484-483-5845


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